Sunday, February 24

And then there was Colin.

Not Colin Firth. (You may know him as Mr Darcy) (I must confess that I neither read Pride and Prejudice, nor watched the TV adaptation .... and thanks to that little youtube snippet, I don't think I need to.)

Or Colin McRae (RIP), the British and World Rally Champion.

Not Colin Montgomerie the golfist.

Or Colin Murray the radio DJ (for young people)

Not Colin Challen MP ( ..... an MP)

Or the Colin Glen Trust. (an organisation committed to the development and management of the Colin River Valley)

Not Colin Campbell, the Crime novelist.

Nor even Colin Farrell, the rugged Irish film star, who some people may remember from Ballykissangel.

No! Colin ...... The Monkee!

Gigibird's monkee, to be precise. I was in a bit of a rush to bundle him up and pop him in the post to her, and couldn't find my camera, so only have a couple of phone photos of him.

HP29 (as I think I knew him ..... I'm not good with numbers) was ok. He was fine. A bit dopey looking but generally a good egg. (or monkee).

But since he's been at Gigibird's house he's become something of an intellectual.

Just look at the kind of books he's been reading .....

Wow. Impressive.

Actually, it seems that book may have been a bit high-brow for him.

This one is probably much more in keeping with the Stunt Monkee ethos ......

..... and may yield some handy tips for World Domination success.

But there seems to be one book that has had a life-changing effect on Colin.

Oh yes. This book really seems to have gone to his head. Can you tell what it is yet?

Self-help for a monkee. I've seen it all now.

If you haven't already, you can see more of Colin (minus his JSP disguise) over at Gigibird's site, and while you're there you may want to peruse her Etsy shop. Look what arrived for me yesterday ......

Why - it's another corsage!

Many thanks, Lynn, the photos of Colin are brilliant, and the rose corsage is gorgeous. You're such a giver!


trashalou said...

So that's how they are going to do it!

One by one replace the lesser known celebrity/meeedja figures broadening their scope until there is just the Prime Minister and the Queen left.

With no-one left to help foil the N.M.A.'s* plan then these two will be subjugated just like all the rest.


* Why, New Monkee Army for those who do not remember! Don't let the monkees find out you forgot, they are keeping a list for once the revolution begins.

trashalou said...

Up early? Right back at ya baby!

Gina said...

Been catching up on blogs since early this morning (can't sleep - jet lag! What's your excuse!) and have been having good laugh as usual at the monkee antics. That JSP picture was just brilliant!
Love the Tenby pics too!
Gina x

Kitty said...

Hahahahahahaha ... Colin has the scariest teeth on any monkey of knit I've seen so far :-O

That corsage is stunning - I'm off to check out Gigibird's page right now.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Fantastic JSP monkee disguise! But not liking Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice - what are you saying???????

the vicious chicken said...

Encyclopaedic knowledge of Colins, there MM! I think Colin Street-Porter is definitely my fave, though :o)

PS we're heading to Pieminister for lunch - want me to pick one up for you? ;o)

Gigibird said...

Colin would just like to say any fan mail will need to go through his agent....since reading JSP he has become impossible.

Rosie said...

A cross-dressing JSP monkee! OMG: I've seen it all now. Will 007 be following suit?

Leigh said...

I am loving it, too funny!

Stine said...

where can HP33 get some of those teeth? he feels he would be terribly dashing.

tintocktap said...

You had me going there for a minute, thought maybe you meant my cousin Colin, or my late grandfather Colin. But no, even better, another monkee. He must represent the intellectual side of the species.

Leanne said...

Obviously Colin is looking to be in the higher echelon of the Monkee army with all the reading under his belt.

Jodie said...

Colin is a monkey with attitude. I love the teeth. he is going places for sure.
Your corsage is gorgeous.

Lesley said...

My brother-in-law is a Colin and for a scary moment there I thought he'd got himself a blog as the resemblance is remarkable. However, he's not made of knit he just is a nit!!!!

Great JSP disguise - got me thinking about possible monkee antics.......

Loverley corsage going on there - you truly are the Imelda Marcos of floral lapel appendages :)


Queen of the froggers said...

Love it!!! Colin is the mad monkey star!
That corsage is gorgeous.

mrspao said...

Colin is very cute! :)

Michaela said...

That's much better thank-you!!!

Mamma Millan said...

Hello, Sweden here!! What a lovely blogg you svit!!So nice things!

Thanks for the visit!!

God Evening Millan

lucykate crafts... said...

he's a handsome chap that colin : )

lauren said...

a monkee...
dressed up...
as janet street-porter!


i think that pretty much sums up my feelings.

(ps: kudos to colin for his bravery and acting "chops"! you wouldn't get colin firth assaying a role like that. nor farrell, one suspects...tho he DID do who knows?!) :)