Thursday, September 6

And the nominations are .....

Recently two blogging type awards have been bestowed upon me and up until now I've done nothing with them.

This is partly because I'm very lazy (I may have mentioned that before), partly because I always counsel my RBD's not to partake in any pay-it-forward type shenanigans on MSN (mind you, they're usually the kind that say "Your parents will die if you don't do this or that" - scary!), and partly because I'm embarrassed by them in a kind of tittybangbang "don't look at me, I'm shy" way.

But yesterday I got to thinking that there I was asking for help from all the kind and generous people in Blogland and yet I wasn't giving anything back. And although I thanked the people who nominated me on their blogs, it may appear that I'm being mean and nasty and selfish by not playing the game.

So let the game begin.

A huge Thank You to Julie, at Little Cotton Rabbits who declared me to be a .....

..... stop tittering, those who know me. In my youth I listened to Rush, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Motorhead, AC/DC and the like ...... well, my RMB did and I could hear it through the wall, so surely that counts for something.

Anyway, I'm passing on this award to the following people .....

April at The Weaving Inn, because she makes me laugh; she swore on my comments ...... something I haven't had the guts to do (so what if I'm 38 - you're never too old to be told off by your parents!) AND she works part-time in a yarn shop. How cool is that? Oh, and I love her profile picture, Beaker.

Sarah at paper-and-string really rocks and I simply can't believe how many goodies she creates in such a short space of time! Plus she's mad keen on monkeys. And Columbo.

Tracy at Cupcakes at Home who has rocked her whole world recently by upping sticks and moving from Kent, right down in the South, to about as far up in Scotland as you can go. She's having a really sad time at the moment and she's written a very moving tribute to her friend who died recently, but if you visit her site please scroll down to the very funny tale of her trip up to Scotland with assorted pets in a Renault Clio (not funny for her, but hilarious for the rest of us - sorry Tracy!)

Gina at Love Honour Disobey whose site I found through a link on Tracy's site. Gina hasn't been around recently but has been ill so I hope she'll be better soon. Cos she definitely rocks. And she has a cute dog. And I love her blog name and wish I'd thought of it ...... can you believe I vowed to obey? I can't either but the Vicar sprung it on me DURING THE CEREMONY and I didn't feel I could throw a hissy fit there and then. As we were walking down the aisle RGH said he wouldn't hold me to it! And he hasn't (even tried!).

And finally, the marvellous creator of monsters, Monda, because her blockhead monsters rock. And even though I'm sad that I didn't win her latest creation, Austin, I'm glad that The Vicious Chicken did, as she rocks too.

Phew! I'm knackered now! Sorry if you Rockin' Girls have already had this award and please don't feel you have to pass it on, I won't be offended. And passing on the Nice Matters award that Rubyred nominated me for will have to wait as this post is already way too wordy and it's high time for a picture of a knitted monkey ......

We were in a park recently where no dogs, no bikes and no ball games were allowed ...... yes, in a PARK, but monkeys? They were fine.

Thanks so much for all your comments yesterday on the shop front, you've given me plenty of food for thought. There's not much point in even thinking about selling the monkeys at the moment though as my needles have been strangely still. Monkey Fatigue Syndrome? Hope not!


the vicious chicken said...

Hey there Monkee Maker,

To relieve the symptoms of Monkey Fatigue Syndrome, Dr Chicken prescribes lots of raspberry and white choc muffins. If you are not quite sure whether MFS is developing, please be aware that muffins may also be taken as a preventative measure. Disclaimer: this may not work. But you never know - and I think it might be fun to try!

Also, thank you for saying that I rock *blushes* - it made me smile a lot :o)

VC x

Tracy said...

heck - what are you allowed to do in that park??!!
thank you for the award - it has made my Thursday - my friend would have laughed!!
as for monkey fatigue....
pull yourself together woman
some of us are waiting for a monkey x
tracy x

Tracy said...

me again - just to say thanks for drawing attention to my journey from hell......
we are about to do it all again on Monday - just with less animals and heading south for a few days.
yay - road trip #2
bring it on
t x

April said...

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone responsible for helping me achieve the status of Rockin' Girl Blogger.

To the incompetent people at Comcast Cable, thank you for screwing up my cablevision so many times that I gave up watching T.V. and started blogging instead.

To Victor The Wonder Horse for giving me so much to blog about. Despite the fact that NO ONE in the blogosphere has sent in any donations for your care and feeding, I still love you anyway. And I hope you won't mind sharing your stall with the small, starving child from Africa who is scheduled to arrive next week.

To Bill Gates, thank you for inventing the Innernets because no Innernet means no blog.

And finally, to the makers of chocolate everywhere. Although I may be too old to rock, continued ingestion of your product defintely makes me "roll-able."