Tuesday, September 11

Can't blog. Knitting.

So instead I'll leave you with assorted monkee views .....

The Severn Bridge

A field in Wales

A rather dashing monkee

A stagnant canal lock ...... smells

How YOU doin'?

Mmm ...... beer

The second Severn crossing

HP3 skeleton

The back of a 007 felt mask (this stitching is TERRIBLE!!)

A wooden window post

Blaise Castle

Blaise Castle estate

A rather large botty water feature

People on a bus looking at a sad lady with a knitted monkey


trashalou said...

The Second Severn Crossing. Is this like a monkey version of the Second Coming?

the vicious chicken said...

Busy knitting, eh? Does this mean you have overcome MFS?? Or maybe it is a new project that has re-ignited your enthusiasm. Looking forward to finding out!
VC x

Michaela said...

I'm with Vicious Chicken. Can't wait to find out what's on the needles this time.

Anonymous said...

More monkeys? Yeah.. :D

Melissa said...

I like the dashing monkee photo. If only I looked as good in the side view mirror...