Thursday, September 13

Random Monkey Shot # 18


Anyone been watching it? (Apart from these two). I quite enjoy Angus Deayton's cutting asides although I thought it was so cruel to interview Abigail last night when all she wanted to do was sob her little heart out. I find it impossible to talk and cry at the same time - my face does that really unattractive crumpling up thing. (So I try not to do too much of either)

Hells Kitchen could be the name of my kitchen too - especially if I've been cooking*.

Oh, and ..... "OI, HP4! GET BACK IN THE SACK!!"

*For cooking read getting stuff out of the freezer and warming it up in the oven.


Working Mom Knits said...

Don't forget - we've seen evidence of your baking!

the vicious chicken said...

This whole sack-o-monkees idea is insanely brilliant.

If they take requests: Pyramid of stunt monkees balanced on a speeding motorbike, please. (I appreciate that it may take time to knit the rest of the troupe and train them appropriately. I'm willing to wait.)

VC x

Michaela said...

And how about formation skydiving too, or even water skiing one footed... No, hang on, I've got it, how about formation window cleaning, balancing on each other's shoulders?

Stunt monkees take on the world.

My Paper World said...

Love that pic! I managed to get out of cooking tonight, we went to starvin marvins diner for a burger.(and a delish cookie milkshake!)
Thanks for dropping by earlier, I make the cards mostly just for fun, sell a few, and let my family take their pick of what they want.
Im also thinking about giving some away as blog candy soon.
I will also be featuring some monkey designs shortly!Inspired by you of course!
Keep the monkee pics coming! I love reading your blog after a hard day at work!

mrspao said...

I just pretend I can't cook so pao gives in and cooks for me.

I think that is fair now he doesn't have to wash up anymore since we got a dishwasher... (I used to be able to cook but space age cooker is a bit much for me)