Saturday, September 29

RGH - The Geek Chronicles : The end to end

Recently RGH said he thought we should try the end to end, and as I'm an open minded kind of girl who'll try anything most things once, I was up for it. But when I realised that he meant cycling from end to end - as in from Lands End to John O'Groats - on a bicycle, my enthusiasm waned somewhat a lot.

That's one heck of a long way. Especially if you carry your bike.

His enthusiasm for cycling, however, is ever growing. Since he turned 40 in March it's kind of become his obsession* (well, we all have them, don't we?) and he's not happy if he doesn't squeeze in 100+ miles a week - mainly through cycle commuting ......

...... or the odd weekend ride or Audax

Even when it's raining ......

This is fun!

Oh, by the way, if you only read this blog for the monkees, you may want to check back another day, because this post is about RGH, my Rather Geeky Gorgeous Husband, and a tale of the time he interfered with nature. Indulge me - it's been ages since he's featured in this blog in knitted pants or without a monkey in front of his face.

Still here? Then I'll begin. It was a day like any other ...... RGH wanted to go for a bike ride, I didn't ...... so I didn't. But he did.

And while he was out he saw a cat, further up the road with a baby bunny in its mouth. The bunny wasn't dead, it was struggling to get out of the kitty's mouth and RGH, being the big softie that he is, didn't like to see the bunny suffering and without really thinking suddenly took it into his head to SAVE THE BUNNY!

(we like bunnies)

So he cycled madly up to the cat and SHOUTED, in the hope that it would startle said pussy and the aforementioned bunny would be released.

And his plan worked well. The cat froze to the spot, opened it's mouth and dropped the bunny. Now, I don't think rabbits have huge brains, so it obviously didn't think "Hurrah! That kind chap has just saved me from this evil cat that was going to eat me", it probably thought something more like this ......

"Arrrrrggghhhh!! There's something even bigger than that cat!!"

So understandably the rabbit was keen to get away, possibly back to it's mum, or maybe to continue frolicking happily with its brothers and sisters in the hedgerow. So it ran off, quickly.

Right off the side of the motorway bridge that these events had unfolded on.

RGH took a tentative peek over the side of the bridge, only to see the poor little bunny lying in the middle lane of the busy motorway, looking up at him, back leg twitching. But he had to look away when he saw the HGV steaming down the road.

Rest in peace, little bunny.

A terrible, horrible tale in itself, but I couldn't help wondering. What if the cat hadn't been planning to eat the bunny? What if they were mates? What if the kitty was just giving its friend a lift across the road?? It just doesn't bear thinking about.

What? It's wasn't my fault

And the moral of this story? And quite an appropriate one for these mad times we live in ...... don't get involved. Or if you must, make sure you're not standing on a motorway bridge at the time.

For those of you holding out for a monkey shot, here's one for you (apologies if you've seen it before) ......

007 on a bike (combining both RGH's and my favourite things)

* I know what you're thinking : mid-life crisis. Maybe. But better this than a MLC that involves fast cars, younger women and a medallion.


yvette said...

Oh poor bunny, did you do any cycling in Grenoble?
The cookies were very good, we had leftovers for breakfast.
I will try very hard to fit in some monkey knitting before christmas, do monkeys like snowboarding? skiing? climbing?

yvette said...

You are right, the mountains are way too scary for cycling up, so you don't follow him up the mountain, you wait in a nice cafe, knitting, watching the view, perfect!
re cookies for breakfast, if you alternate the chocolate ones with oats and raisins, you can fool yourself that it is a balanced nutritious breakfast......

Viv said...

Poor lil thing (the bunny. I an referring to the *bunny*). Then again...after it was mentioned in the famous all-singing episode of "Buffy"...there's more to bunnies than we suspect. As sung on TV: "What's with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway??????"
Mind-boggling (especially for a slightly weird mind like mine).

the vicious chicken said...

It would take a very *special* man to carry off both knitted pants and a medallion. So I think you're right - as possible MLCs go, a cycling obsession seems like a good option :o)

Anonymous said...

Poor bunny..
Knitted pants? Did I miss something here...??
(He is rather gorgeous, don't mind only one monkey pic..;)

Oh.. and there's no way I'm knitting in the basement. There's no windows, and rather dark and uncozy.. Will be back next week with knittingspot in the island cabin, though.. That's very cozy!! :D

Have a nice weekend!

Lucy Locket said...

Poor bunny. Well it was obviously destined to meet its "maker" even if it wasn't a monkey made of knit!

Keep hearing lately of the bad sort of MLCs so glad to hear RGH's is only cycling!

Pea said...

Very sad tale. RGH should stick to cycling and avoid animal rescue from now on!

What were these animals doing crossing a motorway bridge anyway?! Maybe the bunny was suicidal and the cat was trying to save him??

Gigibird said...

Sometimes you just can't change destiny.
Cats need to eat you know.....maybe it was really hungry?
Maybe the rabbit was suicidal and the cat was just helping out?

Tracy said...

starved cat that was taking home a much needed meal for its tiny helpless kittens that live outside in the rain with only a cardboard box for shelter......
tut tut
and then no knitted pants as promised
tut tut

stick with the monkees lady!

on a brighter and more sensible note -
if your dishy hubby and you(?) do decide to do end to end you will cycle right past my door - fancy a cuppa??
you will not be able to miss us - we will be the ones with a complete miss mash of animals from ducks to highland cows - all just eating us out of house and home.....

tracy x

sal said...

Aaaaagh! oh my god I was thinking aaah, cute little bunny being saved there'll probably be a pic of it with a monkey in a minute - but oh no! squished bunny. Cats are naturally mean - Tiggy clamboured through the cat flap with a dead bird this morning and was very cross when yelled at to take it outside (I do wonder at times why I love my cat?)

Lesley said...

This really is not a funny story - at all - so why did I giggle when poor rescued bunny copped it in the middle lane? I really am sick - sorry.
I know someone who did the end to end years ago and had a great time but how could you spare the time? - all those monkeys to knit and lurkers to entertain. Mind you just think of the Monkee photo ops on such a trek!! x

lauren said...

oh dear. oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. poor bunny. poor rgh. (he IS rg, btw!) poor wait, he came out ok in this scenario. but at least he saved that cat from a life of bunny-murdering degradation, right? well done, rgh! take two cookies out of petty cash!

i guess the moral of this story is: knitting is safer--and less upsetting--than cycling. bunnies, anyway...

lauren said...

knitted *SHORTS*??!

Monkee Maker said...

And the prize goes to .... Lauren! She found them! And it only took her fifteen minutes :)

RGH in knitted pants .... ok "shorts".

Not sure what the prize is yet as it wasn't a competition, but crikey, trawling through someone's archives for fifteen minutes is definitely worth a monkee related prize. Lauren, I'll be in touch.

(Tomorrow. I may or may not have had too much wine tonight to email coherently)

the vicious chicken said...

WHAT???? Lauren gets a prize for finding knitted pants? What about those of us who were around for knitted pants the first time round, eh? I mean, we have STICKING POWER. Here through thick and thin etc etc.

I'm quite drunk. Off to pass out now.

picperfic said...

so sad but I did giggle and then I felt sad again.....knitted shorts eh?!

mrspao said...

Oh dear! Poor bunny but it was noble of the RGH to try and save it. Death by HGV would have been quicker than savaging by a cat, no?

End to end? Rather you than me! (If you fancy a detour via Kent, you and I can eat muffins and knit whilst cycling takes place).

Suzie Sews said...

Oh my, that little bunny picture looked just like my Archie Bunny did when he was tiny!!!
SUzie Sews