Saturday, September 22

I am NOT addicted and I WON'T be posting today!

Oh Bugger.

Ah well, while I'm here I may as well do this ....... I was tagged recently by My Paper World for this list ...... (and don't worry, Zoebert, who quite rightly pointed out yesterday that there was no monkee in sight on yesterdays post - you can skip this and just scroll down, where you shall be duly rewarded for your patience)

Four jobs I've had ......

shoe shop assistant


hotel receptionist

call centre operative

Four places I've lived ......

Torquay, Devon

Exeter, Devon

Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Bovey Tracey, Devon

Four places I've been on holiday .......





Four favourite foods .......

Michaela's chocolate marble cake

bacon crisps

RGH's veg curry

Thorntons's chocolates

Four places I would rather be right now .......

back in bed with RGH

on-set with Goran Visnjic filming a new series of ER (a love scene preferably)

sitting next to a full sack of stunt monkees

raiding a Thorntons chocolate shop

And there you have it. Random stuff about me. Fascinating. I'm not going to pass it on but if anybody likes lists and wants to do their own then that would be smashing (cos you know how nosey I am)

Anyway, moving on to the whole point of this addictive pesky blog, I foolishly asked RGH for some help with my latest work in progress the other day .......

Never ask a 40 year old man boy who has just been to Woolies Pick & Mix sweet counter for help with a knitted monkey.

Of course, HP3 wanted a go with the teeth then ......

I should really have remembered from the last time he abused 007 in a similar fashion .......

More tea, vicar?

Anyway, I'm off for a muffin some cold turkey. See you in a few days. No, really.


Michaela said...

Those monkey shots... good grief woman, that much hilarity so early in the morning is not good for my health. Oh and I'm so very with you about Goran Visnjic, he could check my stats any day!

Was the chocolate stuff really that good? Blimey!

Tracy said...

yeah, yeah see you in a few days....

that will be in the morning then x

love woolies pick and mix - there ain't no better.
tracy x

trashalou said...

ROTFLOL!!!! Even CK smiled (his=of excess hilarity). We are very excited our small market town is getting a Woolies. No trawling to Salisbury for yummy 'bob'

mrspao said...


lauren said...

well, i think i *AM* addicted, so can you pleeeeeeeeeease post tomorrow afterall...or say, monday, at the latest!!! :)

(ps: looooooooove the roll call down the sidebar--i am a sucker for a "cast of characters" in a book...also mystery novels that have a diagram of the room where the murder takes place.) (...tho hopefully, you will never have the need to add one o'those...)

Lucy Locket said...

I can't do a "thing about me" unless I'm properly invited - otherwise I feel like I'm showing off. So do the right thing and send a proper invite out! Looking forward to reading your new post tomorrow. Lucy x

Lesley said...

Ha ha ha - those teeth are just fab. Of course I don't condone monkey humiliation but that is very funny. All sorts of ideas are whizzing round my head now for things to do with teeth sweets - !
I'm an addict too and will have to keep checking your blog to see if you give in to the pull of the blog x Resistance is futile ...

lucykate crafts... said...

lol at goran, he's mine! (hubba hubba!)

the monkey stinks by the way!, doesn't mean that the monkey will always stink though, there may be a time in the near future when the monkey doesn't stink at all any more!.

(i sound like a complete nutter but i'm hoping you know what i mean : )

Anonymous said...

Whereabouts diD you live in Bovey and when?
I've lived here all my life (34 years).
Love all the monkeys-they're great.

Amanda said...

those teeth are just too funny! love the monkeys!

Melissa said...

I'm with Lesley - resistance is futile. Great teeth!

Suzie Sews said...

Oh more monkee madness to keep me going...thank you
Suzie sews
PS So I am not the only one with a crush on Goran then, that man makes my toes curl with glee!!!

My Paper World said...

Love, love, the monkey shots!
I have just had a nice weekend away, and the first thing I just did when I got back (after the cup of tea and donut) was check out for a new post on your blog!
And by the way, lauren just thanked me for the links to yours, and the vicious chickens blog. Now Im very worried that I shouldnt be sharing how funny you guys are, otherwise people might start bypassing my "normal" blog and go straight to your fun ones!!!
Looking forward to your next post,
hope its very soon, and im sorry that we all keep pestering you, but its your own fault! You shouldnt be so funny!!!!!