Saturday, July 7

Eviction night

Well, we're all very excited here in the Big Monkey house (ok, I am - they're all still in bed). The nominations have been counted (60 so far), and the fourth chimp to leave the Big Monkey house will be ...... Monkey bag ...... and he'll be going to ....... well that we just don't know. Yet.

He's on tenterhooks, wondering whose name will be drawn .......

I think he's worried that Fiona Thornton may win and he'll have to stay here.

So. Join us later to find out who will win the monkey bag. It'll only be a quickie later (as they say), as the summer seems to have finally arrived this morning so we're off to spend the night under canvas (it's just got to be done).

Happy sunny Saturday morning. And to anyone else who has to work today as well ...... IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!!! (said in true Big Brother tantrum throwing style)

1 comment:

Lucy Locket said...

poor monkey - he looks so sad! Whoever wins will look after him verywell I'm sure - but how can you bear to part with him? Wont his primate siblings miss him?