Monday, July 2

He's quite good really!

Is it because I said he's not very good? Because I was only being modest (for a change) ...... he's fab really!

Plus, he can even carry any of your other monkeys around, if necessary .......

(007 not included)

And a note to KiTTY; Thanks! and hey, hey, your chances are looking PRETTY good so far, although I'm not sure it actually counts as winning if you're the only entrant! Also, do your fingers get tired ever? KiTTY does the most amazing things with socks, PeTe SOCkERTY being my absolute fav! If you haven't seen them yet you should check them out on flickr, her creations are so bright and colourful and just right for another foul foul rainy Monday morning.

Talking of which - oh oh, it must be bad when I start talking about the weather - it's been so wet over the weekend that we spotted this beauty in our drive ........

Ok, he's not a knitted monkey but he's still rather cute

Don't be fooled by the smiling faces ...... they're actually quite fed up that people aren't entering my competition - that bag takes up too much space on the sofa!

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