Tuesday, July 17

Twelve Monkeys

No, not the 1995 science fiction film starring Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeleine Stowe. My 12 Monkeys.

Or to be precise ....... No. 12.

No. 12 is for my mum. She has some sepia canvases of her grandchildren on her wall and she wants this little fella to sit underneath them.

How appropriate.

And in other news I'm finding this random 8 things about me really tricky. I think it's because of this .......

Random things about me #2

I have no memory. Well, very little anyway. My family can mention something we did, or a film we watched, and I'll think, "Was I even there??". My RRS (Rather Radiant Sister-in-law) was in the same class as me at school and she can remember LOADS more than I can. I can remember that all the boys fancied her though - sob!


Cazzie said...

Love No.12 - apols if it is on your blog - but what pattern did you use - it is one of your own or a published one ?

Rubyred said...

I'm with you on the memory thing!I used to have a really good memory but not anymore,I think I've forgotten more than I've ever learnt!Anyway,what was I saying...Oh yes love your random facts,I found that when I asked my family about any "little quirks" I may have,they gave me LOADS!The Cheek!Perhaps you could try that!

RooKnits said...

He he. He looks like a cheeky little fella! I like his fur but was he a nightmare to knit?

Anonymous said...

I love all of your monkeys, but no.12 is my favourite.
Could you tell me what yarns you used to make him, as I would like to try to make one like him?

Lucy Locket said...

He is lovely - but thank heavens he is going to live with your mother and won't have to put up with the abuse that goes on in your house!!! At least I hope your mother will be kind to him!!!

mrspao said...

Number 12 is gorgeous. I'm with you on the memory thing - trying to remember people's names is my worst nightmare!

Monkee Maker said...

cazzie - the pattern is the Sirdar pattern on the right hand side of my blog. I messed around with the mouth quite a bit though.

rubyred - I'm too scared to ask; I may hear stuff I don't want to!

rooknits - the knitting was ok, the sewing up is the worst part.

Pat - I buy the cheapest wool possible, you know the kind they sell in £1 shops. Cos I'm classy like that.

Lucy Locket - I can assure you that all my monkeys are well cared for .... most of the time! It's only on the rare occasions that we have visitors who don't really see the point in knitted monkeys that they're in danger. I know! Who couldn't see the point in knitted monkeys??


mrspao - I'm definitely better with faces than names. Why do you think I only numbered the monkeys?

Cazzie said...

Thank you - may have to try one - in the meantime going to knit a jumper for my PG Tips Monkey :D

what'sthatfluffinmyhead? said...

awww no. 12 is just too cute! :D
i love your blog~ it's such a perk-me-upper!

julie said...

Number 12 is gorogeous - love the contrast between his fuzzy fur and face. Shouldn't worry about the memory thing - I reckon knitting makes you forgetful or maybe it's the muffins? Either way neither are worth giving up!