Thursday, July 5

Ladies - never let a man play with your monkey

He'll only abuse it.

Ok, so No. 11 looks slightly odd. He has a weird, spaced-out look in his eyes; he may have been inadvertently created with some body parts knitted the wrong way round; it could have been the appallingly cheap yarn used, or the rushing to get him finished. But I really don't think there's any need for this .......

Monkey abuse photographic evidence 1:

These lips are sealed

Monkey abuse photographic evidence 2:

Where did I leave my teesh??

Monkey abuse photographic evidence 3 :

Assume the snogging position. (Do you see what I have to put up with?)

Monkey abuse photographic evidence 4:

The praying mantis

Monkey abuse photographic evidence 5 :


Welcome to the monkey house No. 11

I hope you'll be very happy

Course, the real reason he looks so weird?

Mushrooms. Nuff said.


dottycookie said...

Oh, poor monkey. It's a bit like the ballerina dolls I've been knitting for my two - they have elbows where there should be no joints from all the pulling and tugging inflicted. I don't know why I bother!

Lucy Locket said...

Shouldn't your blog-name be "Welcome to the Mad House"????? Seriously funny! Lucy

Tracy said...

monkey abuse - it just should not be allowed.
no wonder they are searching for new homes - once the first monkey goes and sends back telepathic messages of how gooooood life can be, the others will follow........
mmmm..... 2.5 dime bar cakes - sounds enough to be getting on with.
tracy x
p.s - also had to look up your fancy word!!!!!!

The Vicious Chicken said...

Hee hee - I think Number 11 is now my favourite monkey! He looks a bit nuts! But they are all beautiful. I am now sorely tempted to try knitting my own monkey, having originally been a bit put off by reading comments that the Sirdar pattern was hard to follow.

Do you use the Sirdar pattern or the Evesham Dallimores one for your monkeys? I want to make one with a cute wide mouth like most of yours have!

Any help or advice gratefully received...
VC x

Michaela said...

Report going in to the RSPCA, Monkey division as we speak. That poor little creature, how sad for him. He needs a loving home, not to mention a new set of teeth. And as to letting him near the mushrooms... I wonder if that's why he seems to have changed colour - he looked green a couple of days ago, but now seems grey. Poor, poor Number 11.

Pat said...

I have only just found your blog (through Little Cotton Rabbits), and I love your monkeys. I would love to give this particular jungle VIP a home. Please enter me for your competion.
Very entertaining blog.
Thank you.

SuzyB said...

Just stumbled across your blog and think its great! Will definitely be dropping in again :o)

mrspao said...

Giggle :)