Tuesday, July 3

I'm not very good at this blogging malarky

Dear Commenters,

Thanks so much for all your comments about my monkeys; and massive thanks to the lovely Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits for pointing you in my direction. She's done more for my blog with one click of her mouse than nearly two months of getting up daily at 6 am and posting has done!

And also a big thank you to Mollychicken for telling me that I could change my settings to allow anyone to comment, not just those with a Google account. So now ANYONE can enter ..... you know who you are!

Trouble is, I'm kind of stuck for tomorrow's post now, as it was going to involve more monkey pouting and sulking! Maybe it'll have to be monkey smiling instead!

Many thanks

Monkee Maker


Anonymous said...

Hi, not so lonely, I've read all your blogs. I'm a secret lurker having just discovered blogs. Yes I did come to you from Julie's site, bless her.
YEAH, I'd love to enter to win the monkey. I'm in awe of his character and experiences. Go monkey!

Zoebert said...

He really is a cutey, and he must be so excited to have the prospect of a new home ( I know my child was very excited at the idea going to a new home w/ a friend, instead the same old place where NO ONE loves her and she NEVER has any fun!). Please throw my name in the hat, as I would love to give him a new home. Thanks, Zoe

lyn said...

Oh good, now I can say how lovely your work is !
I think it's the automatic setting for a 'blogger' blog - they don't make it very clear that you can change it, you're certainly not the first person where I've thought 'oh-no, I can't comment!'
Glad I can now.
: )

Michaela said...

Alfie and Blossom would love to welcome a monkey to their home in the Stash basket. They seem unable to produce any baby rabbits (despite chilling the carrot juice, playing Barry White Music and dimming the lights, 'breeding like rabbits' just doesn't seem to be happening here). We come from Julie of course, and her 2 little creations would love a monkey as an adoptive son!

Michaela said...

I should really be working, but have just read your blog. It is hilarious and am now going to have to calm down before rolling out the icing (I'm supposed to be decorating a wedding cake). You are completely bonkers and are now well and truely on my favourites list. 007 in the office made me laugh so much, tears were streaming down my face!

Lucy Locket said...

Can't wait to see a happy monkey - so glad he's finally feeling appreciated! Lucy

RooKnits said...

I've just looked through your flickr albumn and your photos have made me laugh out loud more than once.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monkey Maker - I love your monkeys, they look like they could really hold a banana. I am a lucky gal, just not in a contest so how do I buy one of your monkeys ? I really, really want to adopt one of those guys. Thanks, lynn