Sunday, July 1

Exclusive monkey back-pack up for grabs!

Nobody wants me! Sob!

Oh heck! Fiona Thornton can't win the monkey bag, she just can't! She's my knitted babe alter ego.

Plus she has a really small back

SOMEBODY out there must want a monkey-shaped snacks holder .......

(Snacks not included. In fact, some of them already eaten. Ahem.)


erna said...

Only just found your blog and I love it.
Please enter me for that super monkey. I might look a bit strange wearing it, but my grandson would be overjoyed.
Love your blog by the way.

mrspao said...

How how how can no one want that gorgeous monkey backpack? Are they ill???? It is the most wonderful thing and would be perfect for carrying my knitting around! (or taking my toy monkey on trips).

I would even take the monkey back pack to the zoo to meet his primate cousins!!!1

p said...

I have just found your blog, it is great and I looove your monkeys, what wonderful characters they are.

Karen Lizzie said...

Having just come upon your site, I feel compelled to offer young Gordon a home immediately. My DS runs the local monkey sanctuary, rescuing monkeys from shops, charity shops, jumble sales etc etc. Gordon would be right at home here with Gabriel, Flower, Dirty George, Georgina, Mark, Schweetheart, PawPaw et al. We're not far from Sherwood Forest so can guarantee him plenty of outings and the local greengrocers gives us an excellent deal on bulk purchases of Bananas.

Nessa said...

OOh! Fabulous backpack!! I love how you really gave him personality!! Enter me in the contest please!! I'm a starving college student & I'd love a new backpack!! :-P

rirm said...

It seems KVW's always on the knit
D'you think she's overdoing it just a little bit?
She's driving hubby crazy, make him rave and rant
Just wait till he finds out she plans to knit an ELEPHANT!!!

Does this meanthe next competition will be for a TRUNK instead of a packpack??

IndigoMuse said...

I would LOVE knit monkey backpack. I could put my knitted monkey, Zira in it for trips(I, too, knit monkeys. We should talk sometimes about how knitted monkeys should take over the world...).