Saturday, July 14

My Rather Fabulous Sis, my Biggest Bro and Me!

Ah, don't you just love old photos? They're so ...... embarrassing!

This rather 70's shot (ignore the date, that's when I stumbled across this beauty) shows my Rather Fabulous Sister looking slightly nervous, my Rather RAFish Brother, beaming in his new kit, and me. Also beaming!

Could my sister be looking so worried because she feared that one day her home-knit cardi might end up on The Museum of Kitschy Stitches by Stitchy McYarnpants? (with thanks to Julie for the link to that one, it's hilarious!). You can tell that cardi is a home-knit because she's also wearing the tell-tale polo-neck jumper to counteract the terrible itching that all home-knits of that era seemed to cause.

Or could it be because she's worried that with that "do" she could be mistaken for Michael York? (said she with the pudding bowl fringe!)

And me, looking all smug in my shop-bought zip up? At that stage I obviously didn't fully realise the implications of the hand-me-down system. I soon learned.

But the best thing about all of this? My sister doesn't have a blog so she can't retaliate! Bah ha ha ha ha!

(Cheese plants. Did they die out with the 70's or do people still have them??)


Lucy Locket said...

it's great having blogless sisters - although mine has worked out how to leave cheeky comments about my housework!!!

BigSista said...

Just because siblings may be blogless, doesn't mean they can't retaliate. Flickr accept photos from anyone you know!!! And I have a few choice ones lurking in my cupboard. School photos and gum-boils. Nuff said???