Saturday, May 26

Daily Photo # 14

Late last year I was lurking at Crazy Aunt Purls blog and she mentioned this site, , where a chap called Martyn Hoyer took at least one photograph every day for a year. He's taken some amazing pictures and while I can't hope to emulate them with my humble 3.2 mega pixel camera, I thought I'd give it a go.

'How hard can it be to take one picture every day?' I thought. Very, I've realised! It's fine on the days that you go somewhere different or do something out of the ordinary, but on those normal, every-day days it can be really difficult to find inspiration. So far I've taken two shots of my washing line - one of which is quite arty (in my opinion), the other not so much.

Daily Photo # 38

On another inspiration-less day I took a snap of the remnants of our fish and chip supper!

Daily Photo # 88

My RGH doesn't have the same enthusiasm for taking pictures, in fact he prefers to be in front of the camera geeking around ........

Daily Photo # 42

...... but a couple of times he's borrowed my spare camera and has taken some lovely shots. Like this one.

Obviously I've hidden the camera from him now. One budding photographer in the family is more than enough!

Anyway. In monkey news, work has commenced on a new capuchin (who knew?!) and still to come - No. 5 The Movie. Stay tuned monkey lovers (and anyone else who may have stumbled into this blog after typing "knitted monkeys in compromising positions" into Google!)

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