Friday, May 11

World Domination ...... make that "House Domination"

So No. 3 was cast on and the monkeys were nervous from the start.

Especially when he started resembling the BBC3 slug. (If you don't know what the BBC3 slug looks like - it looks like this. Only orange. And maybe without ears.)

But No. 3 got knitted, and the other monkeys adjusted to it. In fact, soon they were all one big happy yet slightly odd family.

Until No. 3 pushed them off the sofa. Mwah ha ha!

He studied books on World Domination ....... (that MAY have looked like photo albums .....)

He found my RGH's (Rather Gorgeous Husband's) stash of beer ........

........ and refused to share.

Obviously a scuffle ensued. The other monkeys like beer too.

We tried to assuage the situation by taking them out for day trips.

But then a row broke out about who should drive.

He even managed to recruit the usually placid No. 2 to the dark side.

To be continued ........ (sorry, but my tea is ready. And my tea waits for no man. Or monkey.)

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