Sunday, May 13

While we were out .....

........ apart from introducing my parents to the delights of the white choc chip and raspberry muffin - Mum got it, Dad not so much (must be a girl thing) - we indulged my RGH in his new hobby.

Oh, the fun we have in our house - I knit and he ....... makes water rockets. We're so cool!! (btw, if any knittists do happen to stumble across this blog, please don't stone me, I KNOW knitting is cool - it's the unbelievers who need to be convinced.) (Ditto water rocket makers.)

Anyway, in spite of the Great British Rain I tried to get some action shots of the rocketeer in action. I got quite a few of these ......

....... until, finally, the money shot! Houston we have take off!

(I feel I need to point out on my RGH's behalf : it went WAY higher than that!)

So now the gauntlet has been thrown down and my RIF (Rather Inventive Father) has taken up the rocketeering challenge. What next? Monkeys In Space??

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