Tuesday, May 15

Dennis - The sock monkey Menace

I mentioned yesterday getting "monkeyed out" and I think most knittists would agree that when you're working solidly on one thing it can get a little ...... tedious. Especially if you happen to buy new yarn or materials and are desparate to get cracking on a new project! So during one spell of MFS (Monkey Fatique Syndrome) I was surfing for inspiration and came upon a rather marvellous tutorial at the Web-Goddess's site, to make your own sock monkey. She's made some fantastic monkeys out of humble pairs of socks and I was inspired. Plus, they're monkeys! So I assembled the ingredients and got started.

Things started off well .......

And indeed finished off well ......
until people told me he was scary

What, little Dennis? In a little bag? Scary??

He's not scary, is he?


I mean, do these guys look scared?


Dennis is currently residing in the spare room. Facing the wall. He has to be hidden when guests come.

1 comment:

Kitty said...

Aha! So this is where your Dennis is hiding! He is NOT scary, he is not 'uncute'. And my Dennis is not more cute. My Dennis (who is now someone else's Dennis ... and that might not be such a bad thing) looks like a criminal. You know how you can sometimes look at a young child and know said child will be a handful? Well that was 'my' Dennis.