Friday, May 25

My Sister and I are Babes

You must have had a similar conversation to the one I had a while back with my sister :-

Me : If you woke up following a coma and had no memory of your life, what name would you give yourself?

My sister :

Me : Or if you were fed up with a life of drudgery and housework and decided to disappear and start a new life, what name would you come up with? (Not that I am, you understand. Drudgery? Pah! Housework? LOVE IT!)

My sister :

Me : I'd be Fiona Thornton. Fiona, after my best friend at primary school and Thornton after my favourite chocolates in the whole wide world.

My sister : Harriett Suchard.

Now, I'm not sure how she came up with Harriett, but being her sister and quite close and all, I'm pretty sure I know where the Suchard came from.

And so our alter egos were born. My parents were confused when I started talking about Harriett, as they were sure they'd only had two daughters (and two sons), and it was quite exciting when post started arriving for Fiona Thornton. Because although I'm actually 38, in my head I'm obviously just 8!

Anyway, during a bout of MFS and prior to my sister's birthday, I decided to bring our alter egos to life. In knit form.

Harriett Suchard

Fiona Thornton

Harriett is blond haired and blue eyed

And Fiona ....... isn't

In fact, for a while there, she was bald

But soon she had a mop of brown - sorry, a full head of brunette - hair

And I really do have these exact shoes in my wardrobe! (apart from they're not knitted, natch)

Here they are, complete with bags (my sister and I like bags) prior to being squished up into a really small box and packaged off to my sis for her birthday.

I'll say again, My Sister and I are Babes ........ Knitted Babes that is!

If you too would like to be immortalized in knit, I used the patterns from Claire Garland's Knitted Babes book. Her website is on the right. Be warned though, while the babes are definitely fun to knit, they are very labour intensive. And they're not monkeys.

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Birdie said...

Ahhh, there's a special brand o' thrill when you get mail with your alter-name on it *L* Your knit girls were... frightening at the start, but they made a great recovery - Darling!...and the outfits? Money!

I tried a little doll kind of like this with those skinny arms and legs only my girl was fabric fabric. I thought I might just cry when I nearly couldn't get those darn arms & legs turned right side out - eek. It was a bit of poor planning. I averted disaster, yet she remains naked and headless in a Wal-mart bag in my jam packed closet of half finished projects. Glad your two didn't suffer the same fate.