Wednesday, May 23

Gratuitous Muffin Shot # 4

I'm saying nothing ......

........ apart from this ........ if I HAD to justify the decadence that is latte and muffin on a WEDNESDAY - not that I do, you understand, but if pressed I would say that it's a little celebration for me. For not being in the throes of labour like I was 13 years ago today.

Still, it was obviously worth it; if we hadn't gone through that life-changing event all those years ago, No.6 ....... I mean, RBD2 ....... wouldn't be here today!

Anyway, what else is a girl meant to do on a day like this? Housework?? I think not.

Ooh, and I'll quickly just say one other thing - the tale of the Monkeys in London will be continued tomorrow. For some reason I was distracted today.

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