Tuesday, May 29

This is a man's world .......

...... but not in our house. It's a Girls World. And sometimes my poor out-numbered RGH feels slightly "hormoned out". So when he requested his very own monkey for his big 4 - 0 earlier this year I felt I had to oblige by knitting him a MAN'S CHIMP.

I used the same Sirdar ITV Digital Monkey pattern (which has been reborn as the PG Tips monkey) but doubled everything.

RGH also requested that it be knitted inside-out, ie. smooth side out as opposed to the inside on the outside like the monkeys usually are. Does that make any sense what-so-ever? Thought not.

No. 2 seemed slightly concerned by the proportions of his fellow primate.

Working on a project of this size meant I had a couple of bouts of Monkey Fatigue Syndrome, and during one of these bouts I made Harriett and Fiona. It was actually quite handy because when my RFS asked what I was working on I could lie with a clear conscience (always the best way to lie!) and say that I was just plugging away on the monkey.

At this point in the post I wanted to add the much heralded film that I created with the use of my humble camera and rather marvellous new laptop, but damn and blast my lack of technical ability!! So far I've lost this post twice while trying to do it and despite searching the whole of the interwebmachinerator for advice I'm still left dazed and confused, so I'm giving up!

Hopefully if you click on the link below you will be taken to my film on youtube (fingers crossed), but if not, shame, it's really good! (not!)

Before you do that though, I just want to mention a few things :-

  • I'm not a film maker
  • No. 5 only has one eye in the film - I was running out of time, RGH was due home any minute, SOMEONE had to make the tea, and other such excuses

  • I'm not a film maker

  • the cool music is by my RAN's (Rather Awesome Nephew's) band. RAN, not to be confused with his brother, RCN (Rather Cool Nephew)

  • I'm not a film maker

  • I've just realised how UN-COOL I probably am by referring to "cool music"

  • I'm not a film maker
So, if you click here, you may or may not be able to see the film that certainly won't be featuring at the Cannes Film Festival any time soon!

RGH was suitably impressed with his new buddy.......

........ but No. 5 thought RGH was a tad intimate for their first meeting - watch that hand mate!

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