Saturday, May 12

What do you mean, muffins aren't healthy?!

For the last few weeks, no, lets be honest here, it's been going on for months now, I've been distracted from the serious business of knitted monkey production by the almost as enjoyable hobby of coffee and muffin consumption.

And it's become a bit of a habit. Every weekend my RGH and I leave our 2 RBD's (Rather Beautiful Daughters) at home ...... they don't like muffins ........ no seriously ........ oh ok! They're teenagers and refuse to be seen out with us. Satisfied?? Anyway, we leave them here and proceed briskly to one of these lovely coffee emporiums to partake in the most delicious single shot latte and white choc chip and raspberry muffin combo that has ever been known to womankind. I kid you not.

My RGH feels slightly cheated by the whole experience as he can't eat chocolate (being the migraine sufferer that he is - cheese and therefore pizza is out for him too. Tragic!) so has to make do with the blueberry and yoghurt one. Well, it's hardly in the same league, is it?

Anyway, I'm feeling slightly aggrieved this morning as my RGH has left me in the lurch to go for a ridiculously long cycle ride with other like minded individuals - despite the intermittent downpours. Are they mad?? 100 km bike ride or latte with a white choc chip and raspberry muffin? You decide.

Gratuitous Muffin Shot #2

Note. Before you rush out to find your nearest Coffee 1 - sorry! They're currently only in Bristol and South Wales ...... maybe I should start a petition to get more opened. Or maybe I should just keep the muffins all to myself ......

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