Tuesday, May 22

London 2007 - The Tour continues

So No. 3 and No. 4 were getting into the whole tourist vibe in London. They discussed having a spin on the eye but No. 3 isn't very good with heights.

They frolicked happily along the Embankment.

No. 4 decided he'd quite like to become an MP and work in the Houses of Parliament.

No. 3 told him not to be so silly - they don't let monkeys in there! ....... hmm, on second thoughts though ......

They nearly got arrested for trying to infiltrate Westminster. "Ello, ello, ello, we'll have no monkey business here!"

They dined in some fine eateries .......

........ actually they decided on a liquid lunch instead ........

While under the influence, No. 4 reached for the complimentary monkey nuts. Strangely No. 3 didn't point out his error.

With more sightseeing after lunch the monkeys began to flag and we decided to finish off a lovely day in that time honoured English tradition ....... no, not climbing Nelson's column - although No. 4 was tempted ........

........ enjoying a rather lovely Cup of Tea.

Tune in tomorrow for the final exciting instalment, in which the monkey's check out RGH's favourite football team's headquarters, and nearly get arrested for exposing themselves on the pitch.

(Disclaimer : any viewers tuning in tomorrow for monkey nudity will be disappointed. It was simply a carrot. An enticement. Plus, LOOK! They're already naked!)

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julie said...

Love these pics of those cheeky monkeys in London - sounds like they had a riot!