Thursday, May 24

Up the Gunners!

Right, where were we? Ah yes, London. Before we left the big smoke, RGH's brother, my REB (Rather Eccentric Brother-in-law) took us to check out the new Arsenal stadium. Oh, the excitement!

RGH was suitably impressed but sadly the monkeys - and possibly those non-footie fans among us - just thought it was .........

Back at my REB's house we had a bit of a party. Unfortunately No. 4 embarrassed us all by pigging out on the croissants

No. 3 was so revolted he turned away in disgust and No. 4 hasn't been able to look at a croissant without feeling slightly nauseous ever since.

Soon the time came for us to leave. The monkeys looked nervous about the prospect of being left in a strange home in a strange town with a str...... slightly eccentric man. But we reassured them ........ actually we just bolted to the door while their backs were turned!

And then we left. Without so much as a backward glance. In fact that's not quite true, because despite all I've said about these pesky primates, they're not really bad monkeys. It's just the way they were positioned.

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