Thursday, May 10

Power to the Lurker!

Well this lurker shall lurk no more. After mooching around other peoples blogs for months I've decided to take the plunge and create this platform for showcasing my ......... talents. Some may call it showing off. I call it therapy.

Having cut my teeth on scarves and gloves and foisting them on family and friends I felt in need of a new challenge. And that challenge was Monkeys. Primates. Simians. Apes. Chimps. Call them what you like, I WILL KNIT THEM!!

It all started with No. 1. (I'm good with names). That's him, reading a crochet book (as monkeys do). We were all very excited when No. 1 came along and we took turns in abusing him. Obviously we didn't actually ABUSE him because that would just be wrong. We simply humiliated him a little.

Pretty soon we got tired of that so I made us another plaything. No. 2 was knitted using the Sirdar pattern for the ITV Digital Monkey (now re-born as the PG Tips chimp). It was quite tricky in places - the mouth in particular, but I persevered and he came out quite well. Considering that he's pink ..... well sometimes you just have to use the yarn you have to hand!

The monkeys shared a passion for pool, cycling and the odd rousing game of Othello, and life was good for the monkeys. Until No. 3 came along ......

....... you've heard of Animal Farm right? It wasn't pretty. Monkey turned against Monkey, it was survival of the knitted. But I guess that had better be a story for another day as this is probably more than enough for a blogging newbie. I'm off to do some knitting!

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