Sunday, May 27

Knitting Conundrum # 1

Which is worse - a hair in your food or a hair in your knitting?

I know that this may seem obvious to non-knittists, or those with short hair or even those who vacuum their house regularly, but I'm not so sure.

My RBD's have very long hair and mine is shoulder length and what with my aversion to the hoover (I did mention I was lazy didn't I?), it occasionally transpires that a rogue hair gets tangled up in my ball of wool and then tangled up in the monkey I'm knitting at the time.

When I spot one of these wayward hairs and tug at it and it breaks, it gives me the same kind of nauseous feeling and watery mouth that I experience when pulling someone else's hair out of the food in my mouth.

I'm just saying. Oh, and I'll pass on the muffin today thanks.

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