Monday, May 14

To procrastinate or not to procrastinate ..... I'll think about that later

When RBD2 asked for Monkey No. 6 back in March, (yes, there are a couple more to catch up with yet), I thought "Yeah, sure, her birthday isn't until May, I've got plenty of time". Now her birthday is in nine days and this weekend my needles have been ON FIRE! (Not literally you understand)

I cast on straight away - love casting on a new monkey, LOVE IT - but then, half way through the second arm I kind of got monkeyed out (mention that to the monkeys and I'll deny all knowledge). So although I still did bits and bobs on it I also did a few other little projects and loads of blog stalking and surfing. And now, as a result, there's smoke coming off my needles and callouses forming on my fingers in my haste to get it finished in time.

And I've realised that this whole leaving-things-till-the-last-minute-vibe runs through my whole life.

My RBD's school uniforms :- washed late sunday night, ironed monday morning.

Getting ready for work :- Knit or surf until twenty minutes before I have to leave the house then jump in the shower, make my lunch, get my bag ready, and generally just PANIC!

Changing bed sheets :- actually you don't want to know, but believe me, I procrastinate.

Ditto cleaning bathrooms :- any visitors coming? Where's the Cif?!

Booking a summer holiday :- we'll be able to camp SOMEWHERE!

At work :- I'll wait until I have a really HUGE pile of filing and then tackle it instead of doing it in easy piecemeal stints.

Anyway, I blame my parents (well, it couldn't be my fault, could it?). This is my very very postponed teenage rebellion to their always being busy, always working.

Actually, it could just be that I'm very very lazy.

Enough chat - on with the monkeys!

Random Monkey Shot #3

Happy days

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