Wednesday, May 23

Hippo Birdy 2 Ewes ...... and 1 Monkey

Hurrah! RBD2 is finally a teenager - as opposed to just acting like one!

She wanted a puppy.

But she got this instead .........

"Can you tell what it is yit??"

(with sincere apologies for the terrible Rolf Harris impersonation!)

Introducing No. 6!

But just think of the benefits of Monkey versus Dog :-

  • he won't need walking
  • he's cheap to keep
  • you'll never need to pick up his ....... waste product
  • he won't cost a fortune in vets bills
  • and he won't bite ....... unless provoked

Plus, he's rather cute .......

........ and quite the party animal

So here's to you, RBD2,

- what it says on the banner!

Note. Phew! It was a late one last night but I finally got there. And thank God I did! While I was madly knitting ears, RBD2 was innocently playing on my laptop. Or so I thought. When I went to switch it off at bedtime, this was my screensaver :



Monkee Maker said...

Very Good Mum :) x
RBD 2 x

lauren said...

ok, fair enough, this really IS the best way to wrap a monkey!!! :)