Sunday, May 20

Today we shall mostly be doing this .......

Actually, this is an old shot from a few years back when my RGH first tried his hand at water powered rockets. The man crouching on the floor in fear for his life is my RGB (Rather Groovy Brother-in-law) and the hunk just about to receive a two litre rocket-powered enema is obviously RGH, when he was trying to prove his cool uncle credentials.

Anyway, yesterday he spent most of the day in Rocketeering HQ (our kitchen) working on a new project. Some men of a certain age buy fast cars, some men date younger women, and some men - bless their little cotton socks - build three and a half feet tall water rockets!!

Yesterday we also managed to slip out for one of these .......

(oops, remembered my camera too late)

But unfortunately, NOT ONE SINGLE STITCH of monkey made of knit occurred yesterday. And there's only THREE DAYS LEFT!!!

So here instead is Random Monkey Shot #7

Snakes on a plane? How about Monkeys in a tube??

And be sure to tune in tomorrow, for the epic tale of how we disposed of No.'s 3 and 4. For ever. (By driving them down the M4 Motorway and bundling them out of the car. Oh of course we didn't do that! Although that thought did cross my mind.......)

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