Monday, June 11

Didn't we have a loverly time ......

...... the day we went to Chepstow. Make that 'cycled to Chepstow'. You know, Chepstow, Wales. From our home in Bristol (doh! So it's not actually that far but there are HILLS!!). RGH has humoured me so often that I thought yesterday ought to be payback time for him. His wish was my command; and his wish was to take me cycling. Gulp.

It was my own fault really. A few weeks ago, while in the early throes of my obsession with the lushousness that is a white choc chip and raspberry muffin from those fine purveyors of coffee (and muffins), Coffee #1, and, having already consumed one of these delightful treats one Saturday morning, I casually suggested to RGH that maybe we could cycle (I think I was still high on the white choc chips) to the Coffee #1 in Chepstow the following morning. (Greedily thinking that, ok, I'd have to put in the effort, but hey, another muffin!)

However, after coming down from the sugar rush I realised my mistake and thanked the good Rain Gods above when RGH bounded out of bed the next morning full of hope and excitement, only to slink back in moments later with the joyous news that it was raining. And he knows better than to even try to get a confirmed fair weather cyclist onto a wet saddle.

Anyway. No such luck yesterday. The day dawned and it was a beautiful sunny morning. And before I could say "Actually I don't really fancy a muffin today, thanks", we were off (plus that would have been such a complete and utter lie and he'd have seen right through it).

Obviously my camera came, as did 007 (well, come on, the RBD's had refused point blank and I have nurturing tendencies ...... and there I go again with the half-truths!)

Here he is on the way ...........

Here I am when we got there .......

...... it was 12 miles!! (Actually that could have been the moment RGH told me there were no raspberry and white choc chic muffins)

I had to settle for a double choc chip one.

It's a hard life.

Chepstow Castle ........

....... oh, and 007

Here he tries out a spot of rock climbing ........

And this is when he recreates that classic Tom Cruise pose at the start of MI2 where he's hanging off the cliff face. You know the one. Oh yes you do.

007 day-dreaming .......

....... of a better life with a different family. A family who would just leave him alone and let him live out his days in peace and quiet on a shelf, surrounded by other toys.

Oh, and this is the moment when 007 tried to make a break for it, hoping to find that better life.

Obviously we soon got him back in the saddle.

And if you squint at this picture, you can just make out two white shapes on the horizon. That's the Severn Bridge. It's miles away! We cycled over that and beyond. And then back up this very very big hill. Fun!

Actually, it wasn't all bad. Beer was involved.

So thanks for a lovely day, RGH ......

....... but next time please may I stay in bed??

Note : with apologies for the weird text above. I've tried to sort it out but don't actually have a clue what I'm doing. Knitting needles and yarn? Yep, I can handle that ..... computers and tecnology? I think not.

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