Tuesday, June 5

RGH - The Knit-o-phobe

But first - a warning :

(and possibly one image of said adult in said knitwear)

Last year when I was madly knitting gloves, scarves and hats for everyone I knew, RGH took exception to the constant knitting that was going on. In fact he was quite a baby about it. Where once we used to snuggle up on the sofa of an evening, I took to sitting at one end clicking away, and he moaned. A lot.

He moaned to my RFS (Rather Fabulous Sister) and to my Mum, but sadly his gripes fell on deaf ears as they are both confirmed knittists - where do you think I learned my skills?

Obviously a compromise had to be reached. So I'd knit for most of the evening and then slide along for a damned good head-scratching. (I LOVE having my head scratched and he's such a giver!) (hmm, monkey in a former life perhaps?)

But the anti-knitting comments continued, especially nearing Christmas when I took to knitting in the car - there was no escape for him, but I had deadlines!

During one family gathering my Mum and RFS hatched a cunning plan to cure RGH of his knitting phobia once and for all, by knitting him his very own knitwear collection. And they came up with some stunning garments. My RFS made him ........

....... a rather marvellous phone holder (not his girly phone by the way)

........ she even tried to appeal to his cycling addiction with this rather fabulous saddle cover

....... a rather fetching thong thing

........ this rather risky ...... thumb warmer

........ and a rather slinky vest. Nice!

And my Mum came up with these rather itchy pants. Oh, how I had to wrestle them off RGH for this photo shoot!

And here's the proof - don't worry, I'll make it small, just in case the overall gorgeousness is too much for you.

Daily Photo # 11

But even after their valiant efforts, RGH wasn't convinced. In fact, it was only when I started working on monkeys made of knit that he converted, and now he can see the point of knitting!

Talking of which, here's a random monkey shot to calm things down a little :-

Random Monkey Shot # 10

No. 8

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julie said...

Heee, hee, heee - Love those knitted pants!! On a lesser man they might look a bit grandadish but your man gets away with that look! That's a mighty fine thumb warmer too, obviously a man with big hands!! You are a creative bunch of knitters! I'm glad to hear that he's now converted, mind you no-one could resist the charms of your wonderful monkeys and all of their cheeky antics!