Monday, June 4

While they were out .....

....... I decided to dust off my sewing machine and use up this rather red material I've had knocking about the place.

A while ago I found a bag pattern that I wanted to try out over on tiny happy's site, which looked quite speedy and simple. And it probably would be quite speedy and simple if you actually took the time to read the instructions properly and then - here's an idea - follow them.

I made some very silly mistakes, such as this one ......

....... sewing the inside pocket in completely the wrong place. Hmm, how handy, to have the pocket wrapping around the side of the bag. Obviously being the consummate professional / lazy person* I am I left it like that. (*delete as applicable)

I probably should have done something about this too ........

And to think, my first job was as a seamstress. Tut tut!

Still, overall, if you don't look too closely, it turned out ok.

Because a girl can never have too many bags.

Oh, and Happy back to school day - Hurrah!

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