Sunday, June 10


Yesterday morning, while RBD2 was busy maintaining her social life, the rest of us went for a stroll around the Bristol waterfront area. Monkeycam came too. Here's a little tour for you.

This rather handsome chap is Giovanni Caboto (or John Cabot to us) who sailed from Bristol in a tiny ship called the Matthew in May 1497 and happened to bump into North America on June 24th. With only 18 crew members on board. (No wonder he's looking a tad haggard)

This trumpeted bridge swings open for boats to pass through

A Bristolian swan ......... the water isn't really that blue round these parts

a rather large mirrored orb outside the Explore interactive centre

The rather suave Archibald Alec Leach, aka Cary Grant, who was born in Bristol in 1904 (just down the road from here actually. Thanks Google!)

We shopped for healthy snacks ........

........ and also healthy beverages

Talking of which ........

Breakfast of champions. (Glad to see that this person took in some carbs with that grape juice)

We even bumped into the rather tasty Daniel Craig. Look at that pout! He's actually shorter than he looks on screen.

After a while RBD1 said that Monkeycam was boring and went off to have a chat with Giovanni. Boring????!!!!

But RGH soon talked her round .......

"Can't you just humour her? She's stark staring mad but she's quite 'armless" Bah ha ha ha ha ha ....... armless?? Never mind.

But seriously, you decide. Take a look at this water feature .......

Quite dull, no?

But with the simple addition of monkee's arm it becomes much more interesting.

Obviously we finished off a rather pleasant morning with one of these ........

....... a muffin. Not a RGH. Natch.

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