Wednesday, June 13

me 4 Gok 4 ever

Is it just me or does every female in the UK LOVE Gok Wan? He was on the telly last night in 'How to Look Good Naked' and he transformed a lovely lady who had zero self confidence, who described herself as an A3 sheet of paper compared to everyone else's A4, into a sex goddess. Her naked picture at the end was stunning.

Only Gok could get a girl who could hardly look in the mirror at the start of the show to strut her funky stuff down a catwalk, in bra and briefs by the end. And without a nip or tuck or Botox injection in sight. Go Gok!

The programme also features 'real' women, complete with all the saggy, baggy and hairy bits that real women have (well, most of us anyway), the ones that you hardly ever see on our screens or in our magazines. It's so refreshing!

Because Gok thinks all women are beautiful, whatever their size or shape and I want to marry him. There's just the small problem of me already being married and the fact that although he likes women, I don't think he like likes women. If you know what I'm saying.

Maybe he could come and live in my wardrobe and dress me every day and boost me up before I leave the house. In return I could keep him in a constant supply of coffee and muffins and amuse him with our ever growing collection of monkeys made of knit.

Talking of which, No. 9 is experiencing a crisis of confidence too.

First of all he looked like this .....

But RBD1 told me his eyes were scary, so I ripped them out (sorry No. 9!) and did this .......

Then RGH said that they still weren't right so I ripped them out again and did this .......

Which are the worst ones yet! A trip to Hobbycraft may be in order today for some googly eyes. Cos if I'm fed up with the whole eye-ripping out process then how must the hairy one feel?

I wonder if Gok could work his magic with monkeys too ........

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