Tuesday, June 12

Remember No. 8?

Last week he was packaged off to a new home in Liverpool and yesterday I received some phone pictures to show how he was settling in.

Oh-oh, he's behind bars already - not a good sign!

Phew! That's more like it!

"And make mine a beer!"

I'm glad to see that he's making himself at home, and as I've never been to Liverpool, I'm hoping for a virtual monkey tour of the sights soon - hint hint! (As long as my friend doesn't mind getting her monkey out in public!)

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jodiwirral said...

Greetings from Liverpool - number 8 is doing well and is looking forward to a trip across the Mersey when the weather gets better. He is very pleased that his photographs have been published, and is highly delighted that he left Bristol before he was roped in to do the gardening with the others. Little does he know that I have some pruning for him to do later....

He sends his love to everyone and is hoping to have some new photographs to show you soon.