Sunday, June 3


With my RGH out for most of today on a 150 km cycle ride (yes, he may be rather gorgeous, but he's also rather mad) and my RBD's not yet back from a sleep-over, I'll be left to my own devices here at chez Monkeymaker.

Odd things can happen when I have to make my own amusement. Take yesterday, for instance. It was a beautiful day and we spent most of it outside. Everyone else was busy, so I created a little something new. I call it Monkeycam. And it looks a little like this .......

Rather marvellous Saturday sky

Some kind of plant thingy

Helping RGH prep his bike

Look at the lovely carbon fibre! (I don't know - but apparently it's good!)

And look - there's a monkey on it!

Helping the kids put up a tent

Giving rides to mates on the washing line (identity of ridee concealed until further notice) (and my, what a long arm I've got!)

A rather lovely glass of wine

Art. Loosely speaking.

RGH cooking the supper ..... is there no end to this man's talents? (no, there isn't)

Aforementioned supper. Yum

After that I got told to put the arm down and step away from the monkeycam. But I warn you now, it'll be back!

Enjoy whatever you get up to today, whether it be sweating cobs on two wheels or mooching around kicking stones. Happy Sunday.

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