Saturday, June 16

Small Acrylic Bunnies

A while ago I was surfing on Brit Blogs for some knitting inspiration and I came across the brilliant creations from Julie, at Little Cotton Rabbits. Her rabbits and bears and pandas and MONKEYS and now foxes are cuteness personified. And her knitted cakes look simply divine.

And it got me thinking that Julie and I are very similar ..... apart from a couple of tiny, insignificant details. Such as .....

Julie uses only the finest materials, like merino wool, pure cotton and baby alpaca, whereas I use only 99p balls of statically charged nylon

99p for two balls?? I'll have some of that!

Her toy fillings are a high grade fully washable non-allergenic polyester, whereas my stuffing comes from £2.59 Ikea cushions, cut up and ripped apart

But look at the pretty colours! Now, where are my scissors?

Julie's creations are lovingly assembled and beautifully detailed whereas mine look like they've been thrown together

Would you look at the stitching on that eye patch ..... that's just shocking!

And aside from the very important detail that Julie designs her own patterns whereas I can only blindly follow someone else's - sometimes!

Exhibit A : my pattern following skills in glorious technicolour

Anyway, as I was saying, apart from those small details, we're remarkably similar (well we both knit!) and inspired by her beautiful bunnies I decided to give one a whirl.

Sadly Julie hasn't yet published her patterns (but judging by the comments on her blog, demand is high) so I trawled the web for something similar and found a bunny pattern at Fuzzy Mitten's Etsy shop.

Well. Let's just say that Julie has nothing to fear from me if my first attempt is anything to go by ......

Blimey, I haven't seen such a pink and garish rabbit outside of Anne Summers!

So I thought I'd give it another go and decided to amend the pattern slightly. As I do.

At first people laughed

But in the end I think it turned out ok. Ish.

Like I said, Julie has nothing to fear from this knittist. If you haven't seen her little cuties, there is a link to her site on the right. And here's a taster ........

And as for those cupcakes .......

....... I'll be elbowing people out of the way next time they come up in Julie's shop. Maybe having one of those would cure me of my obsession with these ......

Who needs white choc chips anyway? Drool......

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