Thursday, June 14

Monkey Lawndering

Over the last couple of years our house has had extensive works done on it, and the final thing to do was the garden. Neither RGH nor myself are keen gardeners but we do like to have a lawn for playing purposes.

We've been putting it off for months now as it seemed like too much hard graft, but on Saturday we had a cunning idea. All these monkeys lounging around the place, not earning their keep? Let's get them out there working!

So we did.

No. 5 and 007 had to shift that pile of earth.

No. 6 monkeyed around giving wheel-barrow rides ......

....... until there was a dreadful accident

Don't worry, we soon bandaged them up and told them to get on with it.

No. 6 - Accident prone or malicious? You decide.

No. 5 chanced his arm by taking a break

But RGH soon put him straight

Monkey Management is hard. RGH was exhausted!

But not as tired as these guys .......

As a treat for working so hard RGH gave them wheelbarrow rides around the garden .......

But I knew it would end in tears .......

I made a little filmette of The Flying Monkees and if you click here, hopefully you'll be able to see it. (Sorry, it's a tad blurry. I may have mentioned in the past, I'm definitely not a film-maker!)

And this is the marvellous job that the monkeys did ......

Yay - lawn!

(With special thanks to Terry - the non-monkey - who really did this for us!)

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