Wednesday, August 29

And a Brazilian for the monkey, please

This time last week I was psyching myself up for my six weekly hair ripping torture treatment (I'm quite hairy), but this time I thought I'd take a monkey (or two) with me.

No. 11 and HP2 (before he went away) were up for it. No. 11 even said that whatever I could stand, he could stand. Mwah ha ha.

Although he had reservations ......

No. 11 : This isn't going to hurt, is it?

Me (yes, I've reached a new low .... admitting that I actually talk to the monkeys) : No, No. 11, it'll be a doddle.

No. 11 prepares himself and gets nice and relaxed, while HP2 looks on .......

HP2 : Well, it looks good so far

Until ...... THE WAXING STRIP OF DOOM!!!! (And at this stage please note the bars on the windows so that once you've come down from the ceiling and are clawing the walls ...... there is NO ESCAPE)


Me : Hello!! Welcome to my world!

No. 11 : WHAT THE FFFFF..........lip????

HP2 : Umm, can we go home now please?

No. 11 : Promise to never ever EVER bring me here again

Me : Wait til you have your tache waxed. That'll make your eyes water.

HP2 was worried as he's hairy too.

But I reassured him that Amy probably likes her monkeys hairy. (I may have also mentioned that it's only the female of the species that needs to make sure she is perfectly plucked and fuzz-free ...... although maybe not as that would be far too political for me)

He felt a bit better then.


Don't look at me, I'm shy!

The draw (once again) to rid me of this pesky novelty back-pack is tomorrow, so get over to this post for a chance to win it. (And PLEASE remember to come back to claim him, should you be unlucky enough to win him!)


Lucy Locket said...

Now that is certainly taking cruelty-to-innocent-knitted-monkeys TOO FAR! Consider yourself suitable admonished young lady.

Tracy said...

i feel that it is only fair to share the torture us girls have to go through - but on monkeys??
shame on you lady


they will all be cramming themselves in to the backpack in order to make a quick get away!
tracy x
p.s - glad to hear you are hair free.....
although a little worried about the bars on the window!
p.p.s - no knickers were purchased by my mum (or me) - but we ate lots of cake.

Michaela said...

RSPCA were very concerned when I just spoke to them regarding the monkey torture. And will be coming round very soon to collect them all to bring them chez Stash Basket for some therapy. The little men in white coats were also very interested to hear about your new 'hobby' and will be bringing you a very special white coat of your own soo. One with very long arms...

Working Mom Knits said...

I hope poor No. 11 was treated to a store-bought/not home-made raspberry-muffin-with-white- chocolate-chips after an ordeal such as that. Seriously.

ps: anxiously awaiting my monkee back-pack : )

Leanne said...

I have just followed a link here- my first visit and I love your blog!

the monkeys are fab, Ive knitted a Clanger but never a monkey, that might have to change!!

Leanne x

Michaela said...

Touche! But at least he volunteered to wear the pink sock!

April said...

Is my Monkee backpack in the mail yet? I'd prefer that he be UNwaxed. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

That poor monkey, can't believe you put him through it.. ;D

Di said...

I love this series!! Only a woman could really understand!!

Gigibird said...

that is so funny:)