Thursday, August 9

I *heart* stationery

It's been ages since I *hearted* stationery on this blog, so here's a rather cheeky picture of a card I'm planning on sending my RMB (Rather Musical Brother) on his upcoming birthday ......

(Heck, I hope he doesn't read my blog)

So many bottoms, so many shapes and sizes. I'm also thinking of getting out my marker pen and circling the botty which most resembles mine (perky and athletic, obviously) and also his (not so much) (not that I know for sure, you understand).

Because what else are little sisters for, if not to wind up their older siblings? And once the baby of the family, always a baby.

And talking of Birthdays, it's my Rather Cool Nephew's birthday today, so Happy 15th Birthday to you, RCN - don't worry, I haven't sent you a card with bums on it. (Although you'd probably be happy if I had!)

Over in competition news, things are going swimmingly.

No. 13, up for grabs

I had 9 entries yesterday, while Pioneer Woman had 1229. But I'm not going to cry still confident.

If you'd like a chance to win No. 13, go to this post. The wackiest, or possibly weirdest, maybe funniest, caption for the photo wins this never-to-be repeated hue of monkey made of knit. $300 worth of jewellery or a pink knitted monkey. You decide which is the better prize. (I know, I entered hers too!!)


Marianne said...

Nice bottoms eh I mean card !
Oh, please tell monkey-packpack that there are still people out there who would just LOVE to carry him around :-)

April said...

I'm attempting to think up the most clever and witty thing ever said so Pinky will be mine!

Because frankly, I'd much rather have a Monkee than $300 worth of jewels.


Laura said...

Cruz said...

"I'm exhausted!" I stayed up until the we hours of the morning to pick this perfect rose for you, pink lady.