Saturday, August 18

Half Pint it is then

Because as this picture quite clearly demonstrates, he could never manage a whole pint .......

...... or HP1 may be better as there are bound to be more pint sized monkeys, especially as my RBD's immediately demanded requested a hand-bag sized monkey of their own.

I liked Marissa's Mini-Me suggestion, but mostly you just made my head hurt with all the maths ...... Michelle and Sal ...... umm ...... what? And April, sorry, he's already someone else's (well, I hope he is, I haven't heard that he's arrived yet and sometimes the postal service here in the UK can be a tad sketchy so I'm slightly concerned). Just spotted mrspao's Mr MonkeePennee which is highly appropriate and funny (and thanks for the tip about Blogger, I'll bear it in mind).

Oh, and Frances? Just black wool and white cotton. Easy peasy (Or googly eyes if you prefer).

Anyway, turns out I was still wrong with the maths. Sigh. RGH (who had helped me with the magic reduction formula in the first place) read the post last night and said "He's a third of the size, not two thirds". Grrrrr, don't you just hate brainiacs? (and yet sometimes feel strangely attracted to them?)

So, enough chat, on with the photos ......

We took HP1 out for pizza to celebrate his completion

Fortunately Unfortunately he couldn't manage the whole goat's cheese, mozzarella, caramelised onion and pine nut (served with rocket) pizza, so I chucked him back in my bag and ate the whole lot myself offered to help him out.

They had this really cool mirror there

When we got home, 007 wasn't best pleased .......

What? You took him out instead of me? When's he leaving again??

Happily, for 007 at least, the very next day. Unhappily for my two daughters who apparently hadn't given him enough hugs. You see? Teenagers like to think they're all cool and tough but give them a cute ONE THIRD size monkey made of knit and they're just like the rest of us ..... softies!


The captions are steadily rolling in but there's still time for you to enter, just leave a caption for the photo on this post by Wednesday.

I like pink ..... hats

(did they fall for that bad eye buncum? Phew!)


mushroommeadows said...

Poor 007! :(

Anyway, I just watched Golden Eye last night and I couldn't stop thinking about your monkee and how fitting his name is!!! :)

I love half pint, by the way, and am terribly sad that he's going away! :(

Michaela said...

Hello again! Love the pink monkey but am totally rubbish at thinking of captions so am leaving that to the more literary minded mad commenters who you have!

The pictures of 007 made me laugh so much - especially about the 'knotted rope' - I thought that film was the worst James Bond I've ever seen. I laughed so much when he was sat on the chair and tortured with a rope that the tears poured down my face. Husbands eyes watered for a totally different reason.

So very pleased to be back. Have missed your blog above all others, I so needed a laugh in the last week!!!

mrspao said...

Hehe :) He is rather gorgeous as monkeys go!

Anonymous said...

He's arrived ! After a few wrong turns along the way HP1, cute as ever, has come to live with me ! We will be going places together !!