Tuesday, August 7

Holiday Homework

Just a quickie today. While we were away I worked on a couple of things.

What do you get if you combine the following items?

A few balls of string .......

..... A marvellous crochet book from one Rather Fabulous Sister (which I've been meaning to delve into since Christmas) ......

...... and one sore thumb?

Why, a crocheted basket of course!

But hang on ...... what's that pink botty sticking out of it??

Hmm, intriguing. But more on that tomorrow! Like I said, just a quickie today (the last few days have seen me perilously close to being late for work!)


April said...

Is it a PINK MONKEE?!? A crocheted PINK MONKEE?


That's a lovely basket, btw.

sal said...

Congratulations - crochet's got me beaten at the moment. If that's a pink monkee I'm just going to squeal with excitement!