Friday, August 24

A letter from HP1

dear creator,

well, despite your best efforts to get me lost in the british postal system i finally arrived at my new home. a little short of breath but still looking pretty damn cute.

the sofa's here are really comfy and not cluttered up with monkeys like they are there. i've already made a new friend, his name is bob and apart from his aversion to bananas we get along fine.

i hadn't been here very long when i noticed the people were planning a holiday. hope they'll be taking me. i've been studying the lingo just in case but it's all greek to me.

and as often as i can i like to catch up with the boys back at the monkey house. glad i missed the muffin-off and the monster-off ....... they looked so scary! and so did the monsters!

anyway, the people want their pc back now and my arms are hurting. say hello to 007 for me, the big lug.

lots of love


Well, obviously I passed on HP1's message to 007. Unfortunately he was trying to catch up with Hollyoaks at the time ......

...... so wasn't very receptive .....

Aren't you impressed by how talented my monkeys are? If it wasn't for their penchant for trashy TV they could take over the world!

Right, if you'd like to win my monkey back-pack (if I can prise him out of Dennis's vice-like monkey grip), please leave a comment on this post and I'll hold a draw next Thursday.

And just before I go, a few answers :-

Victoria : I use the cheapest yarn possible, if you're in the UK they sell fluffy yarn in some pound shops for a pound (funnily enough).

Frances : that "red" monkey is rather a strange pink colour and that's No. 2. (Note the tight mouth).

Michelle and Jennifer : What, me give away my secrets?? Oh ok then. I just used the trusty Sirdar pattern (link to it on the rhs of my blog) but added lots of stitches here and there. And I used a charity shop skirt sewed to the back. I've said it before and I'll say it again ..... it's really not very good!

April : Clever. Very clever. I'm almost tempted.

Anonymous who left a comment on the "I'm too old for novelty back-packs" post : could you come back and leave a comment on the "Here we go again" post as that's the one I'll be drawing from? Also, if you could make up a name, that would be handy.

And finally (no, really this time), what's the blog etiquette for commenting on your own comments? If you respond to somebody in the comments section, they may not see it as won't they have moved on by then? But if you respond on your next post it then gets ridiculously long. This one being a case in point. Answers on a post card please.


Michaela said...

HP1 is so very clever, 007 must have taught him well. As to learning Greek, I thought that James Bond could only do Russian. I am obviously very thick and need a Monkey in my life to improve this somewhat limited intelligence.

And yes, I really am back this time (apart from the trip to Barbados lined up next week) Oh yeah, ha bloody ha!

Karen said...

I know you have told us the basic patterns you use for your lovely monkeys, but is there any chance you can let us have the details of the scaled-down version you came up with? I'm sure so long as you gave credit and links to the two original patterns you based it on it would be OK.
Pretty please?


Michelle said...

Thank you! I had read the earlier directions, and squinted at your handwritten changes, but I wasn't sure what magic you'd done to make him into a backpack (I'd imagined eldritch ceremonies or something. I'm really not able to figure things out like you!). And if I do make a monkey, I'll want to take him everywhere :)

Personally, I like the comments in new posts, because I don't always get back to comments on old posts. I certainly don't mind reading long posts! It distracts me from what I'm supposed to be doing :) But, I suppose that going back and reading old comments would be just as distracting, so please do whichever you like!

Martha in Kansas said...

I'm impressed with 007's neat penmanship! When the animals at my house write, it looks as bad as if I'd written the message with my left hand!

I'll second the request for the HP recipe. I've started making a "big" one in (more or less) 007's colorway. (He's so handsome!) But there are 12-going-on-13 grandkids (his, not mine) and I suspect there are going to be requests.

April said...

Pink. Purple. Alpaca. Fair Isle. Skull And Crossbones.

I love cryptic commenting. :)