Monday, August 20

Random Monkey Shot # 14

When bananas* bite bake

* Banana Monster by RGH. More Monsters** tomorrow.

** Monsters inspired by Mieke, Monda's Marvellous Monster

Competition News

Ok. You have today and tomorrow and until I wake up on Wednesday to enter my rather tedious marvellous competition. The caption for the photo on this post that appeals to me most wins.

I like ..... gossiping with my pink mates. About pink issues.


julie said...

your photo today cracked me up - brilliant! Thanks for brightening a cruddy day (full of tantrums and rain!)

sal said...

Tee hee, very funny pic and I like talking about pink things too but it's quite a specialist subject - not everyone appreciates pink!

mrspao said...

I'm not sure I'd ever accept any offer of banana bread at your house ;)

mushroommeadows said...

Very nice banana monster. :)