Saturday, August 11

Last Weekend Part II - A tale of two monkeys

In which Monkee Maker finally looses the plot and lets the monkeys "speak" for themselves. Before I do though, some scene setting ......

We'd spent ages pumping up the pool and even longer filling it up with water and then it was "too cold" (you know how it is with these pesky kids). So we left it to warm up in the sun. When I turned around, I saw this ......

007 : No, honestly, trust me on this one. The more air you have in you, the easier it is to float.
No. 11 : Mmmmph mmghfhhf fffhfhnnnew

Hmmm, what about that though. Do you think it's dead?

It is now. Just call me Crocodile Mon-kee

What do you think then, shall we give it a whirl?
I think we should ......

Great! I'll drive!

No way! You drove the lawnmower! How come I always have to go pillion? Don't you know who I am??

Get out of the way and let an expert do it. Didn't you see how I handled that Aston Martin in Casino Royale?
Yeah, but wasn't that the time when you rolled it and it burst into flames?

And if you're going to be like that, I'm off!

Oh no you don't. I need you for ballast!

Too late, sucker, you'll get your just desserts!
No! No. 11, come down now! You're not being big or clever. Plus, I'm listing terribly!

Prepare to be tomb-stoned, you Daniel Craig wannabe!!


Arrrgghhhhh! No. 11! You'll drown! But more importantly, you've got my knit wet! You cad!!

Phew! You're safe (for any children watching). But now come back here and let me karate chop you!!
No way, Bozo, I'm off! (again)
I'll get you for this! If I can just got off this dead crocodile!

Ah-ha. No. 11. So we meet again.
You wouldn't dare.
Oh, I think you'll find I would.

No! Please, No!
Go on, Punk, make my day.
...... umm. Hate to sound picky at a time like this, but aren't you mixing your films now??

Is that as good as it gets?
Oh yeah? Now who's mixing their films??

And there, I'm afraid Monkey Lovers, we must leave it. As I stopped taking photos then. Plus, I need to leave room for competition news.

Competition News.

In order to win this rather pink knitted monkey, simply go to this post and leave a caption for the photo that's on there. And bribery is STRICTLY out of the question. No really. It is. Yup. Honestly. Definitely. Uh-uh. Absolutely. Unless ......

I like pink ...... flowers


Marianne said...

Pink flowers you said ?
How about a greenhouse full of pink orchids ? Good enough for a trade with a pink monkey you think ?
OK, deal !

April said...

It must be very entertaining to be your next door neighbour. :)

Incoming - 1,276 pink roses.

mushroommeadows said...

How did you do that water shot?? What an incredible picture! Anyway, I love, love, love your blog!

Suzie Sews said...

I think your neighbour must have a hoot at all your antics!!!
Suzie Sews

Tvini said...

You and your monkeys crack me up.

Zoebert said...

Funny, I was thinking the samething about your neightbors. All that monkee business going on there, they must be going bananas (which only seems to incite the monkees more).

I love your monkee antics.