Wednesday, August 22

Remind me never to do this again

It's too hard! I can't do it! Why oh why did I ever think I could copy Pioneer Woman with a caption competition and only pick one winner? How does she do it with over a thousand entries? The mind boggles.

And my mind is boggling and needs coffee and muffin. Right now. Sadly though, no coffee and muffin emporiums are open at this time of the morning so I'm afraid the announcement of the winner of the pink monkey made of knit will have to wait until after I've printed out the comments, savoured a latte (full strength today I think), enjoyed an (inferior) RaWCC muffin and ruminated. Long and hard. Sorry.

I can't stand the stress


April said...

I was going to enter. And then I realized a tragic fact. If someone beat me, I'd have to kill them. Or at the very least stalk their blog and leave obscene comments about their unworthiness as a MonkeeOwner.

It's hard to be me. Especially since it doesn't seem to pay very well.

mrspao said...

I would have found it hard to choose too! :)