Friday, August 10

Last weekend - Part I

I know that it's nearly this weekend (hurrah!) but I haven't yet written about last weekend, so here goes.

On Saturday, RGH and I (and No. 11) popped out for our customary coffee and muffin, but were a bit alarmed to note that not only were there no raspberry and white choc chip muffins, but it seems that Coffee #1 may have changed their muffin supplier - no! Say it isn't so!!!

I don't know what you're smiling about - this is a tragedy!

Obviously I shall have to do some extensive research into this and I'll keep you posted (cos I know you're REALLY interested!).

To try and rouse me from the deep muffin malaise I had sunk into, on Sunday RGH suggested a "gentle" cycle ride. Hmm, must remember to look up the meaning of "gentle" as he and I seem to have totally different ideas of what it means.

27 and a half (very important that half!) miles later and I was now suffering from saddle sadness as well as muffin malaise. Two weeks off the bike and the fact that my cycle commute to work is 3 (and a half) miles each way made it all the more challenging.

The only thing that kept me going was the fry-up half way round .......

And the coffee helped .......

As did reviving our hot feet in the cooling waters at the Explore Centre ......

While there, No. 11 enjoyed an impromptu history lesson ......

Wotcha reading there, William Penn?

So that's N-o. 1-1. Thanks William Tyndale!

Ahhh, Thomas Chatterton, I could listen to your poetry all day.

And on the way home we cycled over this cool new bridge ......

Don't do it, No. 11!

...... we'll find a new raspberry and white choc chip muffin supplier!

Competition update :-

I'm loving the captions so far; suzyb, I like your style (!) but then when Jenn mentioned this being her son's favourite blog (thanks Jenn's son!) I had to remember that this is a family blog.

rooknits, what a marvellous poem - I hope your bf writes words of love like that to you too. It's a tad long for a caption though, don't you think? Could he come up with something, I don't know, a bit more punchy?

And Sal, enter as many times as you like. There's nothing more frustrating than thinking up something you wanted to say, after the event.

Lynn, if Myra doesn't claim the monkey back-pack by the end of this competition ..... I'll be having another one, yay!!

Finally, April, Thanks. Although I did quite like the look of those silver tags.

Anyhoo, for a chance to win this exclusive pink monkey (see how I'm trying to build it up?) ......

I like pink

....... go to this post and leave a caption about the photo on there. Don't panic, you've got AGES to come up with something witty.

Tomorrow ..... oh, what fun we had when we got the pool out for the monkeys kids!


RooKnits said...

I am indeed lucky and have often been blessed with such poems - they usually start " Roses are Red..." however - I am beginning to see a theme.
Think I might have to start on my own monkey at the weekend.... Tony is thinking up more captions as I type!

Karen said...

I am diagnosing the new muffin suppliers as Cuisine de France, who supply stuff for in-store bakeries etc. This link should show you their range. Sadly it doesn't look like they offer Raspberry and White Chocolate.

If I offer to bake you some muffins would I win the pink monkey???


Karen said...

Hmm doesn't look like the link worked, but if you go to the website you can see the flavours!


Zoebert said...

Wait a minute, I didn't know bribery was an option...

Karen said...

When in doubt bribery is always worth a try. especially when it comes to monkeys!


April said...

Hey, I didn't know bribery was allowed! If you give me the pink monkey, I'll give you a 4 year old Thoroughbred. He doesn't go forward very well but he's great at backing up. Wouldn't the girls like a horse?